Whale Phishing Blows

whale phishing blows

Whale Phishing Blows A regular eflyer, raising the awareness of whale phishing, the fact it ‘blows’ and urging companies and people not to get caught and become a victim to cybercrime. Whale phishing, a subset of phishing is a serious attack to any organisation. You can read more about it …

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Dangerous Attachments and How a Healthy Security Culture can Help

dangerous file extensions

Dangerous Attachments and How a Healthy Security Culture can Help Exploring Attachments such as PDF and PPT files in Emails, SPAM, Phishing and more, supporting organizations and their security awareness programs to build a health security culture. Can we simply identify dangerous attachments and stop them from running? Images such …

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Top Tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Top Tips for Cyber Security Awareness Training The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Cyber Security Awareness Training. We’ll explore the basics of cyber security awareness training, answering key questions to help you on your journey of making your organization safer and secure.  What is cyber security awareness training?  Why is …

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Cybersecurity Awareness Buzzword Bingo

cybersecurity awareness buzzword bingo

Cybersecurity Awareness Buzzword Bingo Attending a cybersecurity conference? Physical or virtual, zoom or teams, download your FREE and fun buzzword bingo cards! We have created six cybersecurity awareness buzzword bingo cards for you and your team to have fun with at the next conference, trade show or expo. Use them …

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25 Terms for Cyber Security Awareness Training

25 cyber security awareness training common terms

25 Terms for Cyber Security Awareness Training A list of defined common words and phrases within the cybersecurity industry, helping you to identify their worth and understanding. We’ve all experienced marketing buzzwords, on an ad, at a trade show, or conference; but what exactly does that specific buzzword mean? We …

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We Adopted Oscar, the Humphead Maori Wrasse

phishing oscar and fighting cybercrime

We Adopted Oscar, the Humphead Maori Wrasse In celebration of our second anniversary, World Reef Awareness Day and release of our platform SKALES, Askari Blue has adopted Oscar, the Humphead Maori Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus). A Humphead Wrasse’s diet includes several toxic species, such as sea hares, boxfish, and the crown-of-thorns starfish, a species that is …

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