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The freemium tier is a great initial stepping stone in to developing your cyber security programme. Providing basic functionality, SKALES grows with your business and security requirements.

  • Easy sign-up
  • Cancel at any time
  • NCSC Official Training
  • No credit card required
SKALES provides the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) official training. Start your security awareness programme with the UK Governments training video, literature and Q&A.
The free tier provides organisations using Microsoft’s Office 365 a simple and easy to set-up security awareness programme. By signing up, SKALES identifies your workforce, delivers training and records individualised statistics. No additional software or websites required!
SKALES provides the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) official training. Start your security awareness programme with the UK Governments training video, literature and Q&A.

Administrators can view the progression of staff within the SKALES dashboard, supporting compliance requirements, reports, and more.


For organisations ready to expand their security programme. The premium tier builds on the freemium tier, providing a much greater capability to security teams and an organisation’s workforce.

Powerful features such as advances staff statistics and category reporting, reduces risks and the burden to security teams. No longer do security teams need to process reported benign newsletters – focusing on serious malicious phishing attacks.

  • All freemium features
  • Additional training modules
  • Advanced statistics
  • Category reporting
  • Phish simulations
All features existing on the freemium tier are included within the premium subscription.
Expand your training programme with additional videos, literature, questions and tests. Choose from a long list of modules to better suite your organisations needs.
Gain a better insight in to your staff’s training status. Identify individuals who require additional support to reduce security threats and risks within your organisation.
SKALES goes further then simply enabling a report button. Whilst staff can flag suspicious messages through SKALES, they are able to provide additional information – why they believe it’s suspicious. In turn, SKALES can guide staff to identify spam over malspam, passing only critical messages to security teams.
Simulate threat actors within a safe environment and test your organisation. User reported phishing tests are identified within SKALES category reporting module, congratulating staff and updating statistics.


For organisations that take security seriously. A subscription that is full of modules required to fight phishing and powerful features that are unique to SKALES, giving your organisation an advantage over the adversary.

The Guardian module is only available at this tier – our flagship solution. This powerful module uses psychology-based research to ‘nudge’ staff to identify and report cyber attacks.

  • Threat news
  • Culture module
  • Gamification
  • API access
  • Guardian module
All features existing on the freemium and premium tiers are included within the platinum subscription.
Increase security awareness throughout your organisation by providing periodic threat news directly through SKALES – within the inbox and not via an email!
Simply training staff is no longer enough, whilst they retain the knowledge, they also have to ‘care’. The culture module identifies individuals and teams who require additional assistance and that may present as a threat.
Security can be tedious and boring for some individuals. By utilising the power of gamification, engagement can greatly increase and provide a positive mindset to your security programme – increasing ‘buy-in’ and overall effectiveness.
Numerous API endpoints becoming available at this tier, providing much of the information available on the dashboard such as user reporting and relevant threat intelligence feeds.

SKALES flagship module. This enterprise grade solution ‘nudges’ staff of suspicious messages. All security gateways struggle to keepout 100% of phishing, in fact, on average 20% of ‘bad’ by-passes security gateways. SKALES super charges your human-layer and greatly reduces staff susceptibility. 

Discount calculations: Premium – Annual option (99p pcm equiv.) vs Monthly option at £1.10 pcm, 10% saving. | Platinum – Annual option (£3.49 pcm equiv.) vs monthly option at £3.90 pcm, 10.5% saving. | Annual plans require 12-months paid up-front. | Monthly plans pay 1 calendar month up-front on recurring payment agreement.