Team SKALES is an innovative start-up producing unique solutions to combat phishing threats. As of today SKALES has involved over 13 professionals, with decades of experience within the fields such as financial, government, and military. Security is paramount and our team has lead the way to secure $billions.

When we set out on this journey we wanted to make a difference and fight cybercrime. It was obvious to us that phishing was the biggest issue. Individuals and businesses continue to be impacted and criminals were getting rich. Smaller businesses were finding it a difficult step to adopt security layers and even businesses that trained staff, they were still clicking dangerous links.

SKALES was built on three principles; human focused, innovation, and intelligence. SKALES is part of Askari Blue, a security intelligence business and our core is centred around the principles of intelligence. Human focused because we strongly believe technology is there to serve, not hinder humans. And finally where current solutions fail we innovate to add value.

Today SKALES offers a FREE service to help smaller businesses begin their journey into adopting cybersecurity practices, and with SKALES Guardian, organisations can use our unique solution of alerting, otherwise known as ‘nudging’ to support staff and help them not click those bad links.

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